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Puerto General San Martín, January 31, 2017.

In relation to the soy crude oil Spillage that occurred in the Paraná River during the morning...

Committed to a Happy Childhood is the framework given by Bunge to all those activities or initiatives aimed at protecting and fostering the rights...

Our 2012 sponsorships

We accompanied Soledad Pastorutti's tour "Canciones a la carta". In this proposal, the public participates by choosing their favorite songs and, by means of a draw, the singer invites them to the stage to sing with her.
In addition, in 2012 we doubled the bet, and participated again in Road Racing, and we joined the Super TC2000.
This actions allow us to set relationships at another level, with new customers and suppliers.

ProMaíz Project

ProMaíz, is a significant investment, representing the joint bet between Bunge Argentina and AGD (Aceitera General Deheza). Both companies – which share a common history and investments – keep adding value to the agroindustrial chain, by renewing their permanent commitment to the country through this new area: the transformation of locally produced grains. The plant will be located in Alejandro Roca, Juarez Celman department, Province of Cordoba, approximately 300km away from Cordoba Capital.

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